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📣 Community Takeover 📣

We’re still here. After a month of chaos everyone has pulled together for our dear polite cat. Like most community takeovers the transition of power was not easy or pretty. But we love this meme and we want to do right by Beluga and give him the chance to shine. We are currently working on getting dextools verification, and that requires some housekeeping and preparation of socials. Once that is wrapped up traders will have a much easier time finding us on exchanges and using the correct address. We hope that you can join us on the other side for what’s sure to be a big summer for cats!

All love, Beluga Team 🐱

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Beluga is a nickname from a YouTuber with over 10 million subscribers, Beluga became famous in just one month. Millions know him for his funny Discord videos, merch, and making it the most viral Real Cat meme. Real Cats name is Polite Cat Ollie and has an instagram account with over 400k+ Followers. Below there's a link which can give you access to every general info about Beluga!

Token Information

Here’s what you need to know about $BELUGA

$BELUGA Ain’t Just Another Memecoin. We’re built on top of the SOL Protocol – One of the fastest growing protocols out there. Forget The HYPE, ride the grumpy wave instead.
We’re hissing around on DEX’s for now, but expect some prety epic CEX’s to follow!

Is Renounced ✅
Community Takeover 🤝🏼
13 March 2024 📆
4.000+ 🚀
Road Map
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1 Million MC
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2,5 Million MC
5 Million MC
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10 Million MC
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25 Million MC
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About Beluga Coin


Beluga Cat, Reborn! You can’t kill a legendary meme.
You already know BELUGA. You know that smile.
The chillest, funniest, most polite (AND best-looking) CAT on Solana is rising from the ashes to lead his new $BELUGA COMMUNITY to greatness, this Bullrun and beyond!
Beluga cat and his loyal followers have big plans. We want the biggest exchanges. We want dedicated holders. And we want people who know a top-tier meme when they see it. We want you.
The beluga community is fully in control, because that’s the only way BELUGA wins!
This community takeover is being managed by people who value honesty and communication with holders.
Our contract is renounced and the liquidity pool is burned. (Give us a Rugcheck). We have people on our telegram available to talk to 24/7.
A good community is all about building something together and getting the word out, so we would love you to come and join one or all of our many socials today and spread that lovable BELUGA smile all across the planet.



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Keep calm and let karma finish it

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For coming this far! Make sure to join our Telegram and connect with the $Beluga community or Click on the info icon below to guide you on every place we are listed on or to know more infos about us. We wish you the best and see you around the space :), Your Official $Beluga on SOL Team!

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